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Event Planners Plus
Event Planners Plus...the only event planning company you need!

As you probably know, event planning requires a lot of time and research.  You really need to do the ground work in order to guarantee a successful event.  You have to allow sufficient time, especially if you want to create a pleasant atmosphere for those participating in your event.

Daisy, Rotating

There are details that must be thoroughly considered such as location, transportation, phone calls and follow up, catering and not to mention other responsibilities like invitations, RSVP follow up, etc. 
Event Planners Plus takes the time to investigate and perform these services for you.  Event Planners Plus is the only source you need.  All you do is call us and we do the rest.

We coordinate all of the following events

Meeting, Conference and Seminar Planning
Bridal Parties
Fashion and Hair Shows
Retirement Parties
Family Reunions
Music Release Parties
Product Launches
Anniversary Parties
Bachelor Parties
Bachelorette Parties
School Dances
Fundraising Events
and more.  If you do not see your particular event listed here, please inquire with Event Planners Plus.

P.O. Box 488 - Ellenwood, GA 30294
(770) 656-0067 - Phone
(770) 961-9088 - Fax